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When we talk About School Life or College Life, they are two very different phases of life. They can be defined as salt and sugar. They surely look alike but are totally different in taste. From childhood to teenage, school tries to prepare you for your life as an adult. Whereas in college, the teachers teach adults how to transition from a teenager to a professional of corporate life. Believe it or not, our life as a school student is actually more disciplined than it can ever be as a college student. Often we are confused regarding, What is Better School Life or College Life .Adding to that, when we were in school, disciplinary rules and protocols bound us. Though we always wanted to defy it, there was always a fear of being punished or caught. Whereas college life though bounded by rules, hardly mattered for the students as college life is all about doing what you feel like. Yet both hold their own charms and leave us with glorious memories, wonderful friendship and a lot of skills and knowledge. Now without any further ado, let’s have a look at the things which divide the school life experience from that of college.